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 Bob Nickel's time on earth ended on August 17, 2012.
His life was noteworthy, and particularly in his last year,
his spiritual sharings, his "satsang," were extraordinary.
One of Bob's last wishes was to ask Mark to make sure the book about his life and spiritual message was published.
A Nickel's Worth is that book.
It includes:
Many stories and lessons from Bob's wild and always interesting life.
His spitiutal path--a road that stretched over forty years.
Words from his wonderful satsangs (spirtual messages shared to a group),
and how his medical people, encouraged by his good friends,
fought to give him more life,
and more.
A YouTube Clip, "Bob Nickel, The Last Journey" can be viewed here.
Master, Swami, Nun, Sinner, Swinger, ONE
stands alone, but is also a follow-up to A Nickel's Worth in that it has more about Bob Nickel. 
However, it is also about:
V. Ganesan, Bob's beloved "master,"
Ramesh Balsekar, the Non-dual Sage of Mumbai,
Robert Wolfe, the "premier pen" of Advaita,
Maechee Brigitte, the senior foreign Buddhist nun in Thailand, and
Swami Atmanand Udasin of Ajatananda Ashram in Rishikesh.

has much more about

A Nickel's Worth 


Master, Swami, Nun, Sinner, Swinger, ONE



About Bob Nickel

Satsang with Bob Nickel was a great opportunity. Bob was someone who points to the pure truth of Awakening in a simple and clear way.

One of the recent attendees at Bob's satsang wrote, "I was deeply moved by Bob’s blissful presence as well as the clear insight he is able to share with everyone into the deeper truths of life and ourselves. I could feel that Bob speaks from his own personal experience, those same truths shared through the ages by many of the great sages." Bob freely shared in the non-dual Advaita tradition beginning in 2004. "If people invite me, I'll come," he often said.

He experienced the first of many important spiritual experiences at the age of nineteen. These experiences were important in what could be called Bob's path. However, in recent years Bob has seen things more clearly. It has become clear to Bob that all experiences, which by nature come and go, are impermanent. They are transitory, and therefore have nothing whatsoever to do with the Truth that one essentially Is.

His satsangs were dedicated solely to making Ramana Maharshi’s invitation to Self-Inquiry available to everyone. This invitation is a direct and immediate means to Self Knowledge. It is a call to simply abide effortlessly as That which one is, right here and right now.

Bob was traveling back and forth between India and the U.S. since 1999. In recent years during the fall and winter months he lived at the foot of the holy mountain, Arunachala, near the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi. He was traveling the rest of the year holding satsang where invited to do so.

Regarding Bob and cancer, when he left for India in late April, 2011 his doctors said he was cancer-free. That changed. Upon his return to the USA in July, by late August his physicians confirmed the return of his cancer and gave him about six months.  Bob outlived this prognosis by six months--six months of giving satsang.

Rather than just rest, Bob’s desire was to spend his final days sharing Ramana Maharshi's Invitation to Self Inquiry to all who wish to hear it. Those who were able to attend satsang with Bob were, according to many who attended, "very lucky," or "blessed."  Thankfully, many of Bob's satsang are available on DVD (for these: info@bobnickelsatsang.com). 

Each satsang started with a silent meditation, followed by a short talk, and then by questions and answers. At the end there was another short silent meditation.

Bob Nickel on YouTube. Click Here.



Note about Money:

All Bob Nickel Satsangs and Intensives were on a Donation basis. Bob says, "If you wish to donate, please do. If you are in a pinch, please don't."

Persons who wished to schedule private meetings with Bob usally gave him from $50 to $200. However, again, if a person was in a hard place regarding funds, Bob would say, "Heck, just buy me lunch while we talk, or a cup of coffee."



Bob on YouTube

We have (other) satsang and interview clips of Bob. To find out about these, click HERE.




The Bob Satsang DVDs available:


  • Ashland, Oregon. September,2011
  • Salem, Oregon, September 2011
  • Santa Monica, December 2011
  • Santa Monica, January 2012
  • Santa Monica, February 2012
  • Santa Barbara, January 2012
  • Bob's Intensive (Ojai), #1, January 2012
  • Bob's Intensive (Ojai), #2, January 2012
  • Bob's Intensive (Ojai), #3, January 2012


Bob's Passing


Bob Nickel left his body at about 3:55 PM on Friday, August 17, 2012. 

His last hours were peaceful. He died with good friends around the bed, 

and the last "Love of his Life" touching his shoulder and looking into his eyes. 


The only Satsangs from Bob now will be on DVD, which are available at



Ceremonies for Bob included the following: 

  • Sunday, Sept 9.  The Ojai Retreat, 160 Besant Road, Ojai, CA. 
  • Thursday, Sept 13.  The First Presbyterian Church, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Friday, Sept 14, at sea off of Marina del Rey, hosted by Captain Ben Halfon. 
  • Sunday, Sept 16 at the home of Robin and Linda, Santa Barbara, CA. 

There were also ceremonies for Bob

at Mt. Shasta and in Thailand in November,

at his beloved Arunachala in December,

and in other parts of India in January 2013

as shown on YouTube.


   E-mail: info@bobnickelsatsang.com