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DVDs available
for personal and group use.
You can get any of the DVDs listed below. To do so, e-mail Mark at info@bobnickelsatsang.com
We normally ask for a ten dollar donation per DVD. 
A little extra to help with shipping would be appreciated.
 Right now the Satsang available are:

  • Ashland, Oregon. September,2011
  • Salem, Oregon, September 2011
  • Santa Monica, December 2011
  • Santa Monica, January 2012
  • Santa Monica, February 2012
  • Santa Barbara, January 2012
  • Bob's Intensive (Ojai), #1, January 2004
  • Bob's Intensive (Ojai), #2, January 2004
  • Bob's Intensive (Ojai), #3, January 2004
More will be available.