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A special friend, and teacher, to Bob--C. Y. Ramana
C. Y. Ramana's own website is: http://www.radicalawakening.org
Two YouTube Clips from a non-duality focused dialogue with C. Y. Ramana and Bob can be found here.


C. Y. Ramana is both a friend and a teacher of Bob's. He has his a page devoted to him on Bob's website for two reasons.
The first reason C.Y.Ramana has his own page on Bob's site is:
  • A Radical Awakening procedure by Ramana was huge for Bob. He says, "I looked back at where I thought I would see me, and there was nothing there. Only a darkness, a black, the black that was used to define black."  Thanks to C. Y. Ramana and the Radical Awakening procedure, Bob realized  that the "Me" that he thought resided a few inches behind his eyes was an illusion. "It struck me very hard how much energy I had put into promoting and defending my image as 'Captain Bob' and 'Competent Bob' and so on, only to find that this 'persona' was a mask, a false face. This truth was crucial for me. Largelly thanks to what C. Y. Ramana did with me, I found out that the real Me, the "I," is whole and complete, and never-changing. It is hard to describe with words. Actually, impossible. But ever since that's what my satsangs have been all about."

 The second reason C. Y. Ramana has his own page is:

  • "Ramana was the first to put me in front of a group during satsang," Bob says. "One day I told Ramana, 'I think the highest calling a person could ever have is to give satsang.' Then, a few hours later, he told me he was putting me in front of a group later that day." Bob laughs. "It was pretty ragged, but one or two persons there were visibly affected. Even then, I got enough positive feedback that I kept on going. That, and Ramana never stopped encouraging me. He kept telling me to, 'Give satsang, Bob.' That was in early 1999. It took five years before I really took his advice, starting in Santa Barbara in 2004." Bob smiles. "I'm glad he kept after me."

For these two reasons, C. Y. Ramana deserves special credit. Any person who has benefited from Bob's words, counsel, or satsangs since 2004 might be correct to feel gratitude to his good work and friendship.

An Intensive Weekend, or Week, with C. Y. Ramana and Bob together would be a wonderful thing for all concerned. It would be great if a person or persons wanted to schedule and promote such an endeavor.




For more about C. Y. Ramana and Radical Awakening:www.radicalawakening.org .