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Many books are classics, like I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj. 
Some other equally worthy non-dual tomes are not as well known.  
Bob highly recommended these two writers, saying about the first, Robert Wolfe,
"The guy was born to write. And he's sharp as a tack. All his books nail it."

Robert Wolfe:


Robert Wolfe.
Robert has been a friend of Bob's for many years. Robert was first drawn to  Zen Buddhism  Later in Ojai he studied the work of J. Krishnamurti and others. He has completed much study of Jesus as a non-dualist.More about Robert Wolfe and all his books, is available here.
Robert has a strong and accurate view of what is Real. In 2009 this best-selling (e-book sales, category: non-duality) book was published:
Living Nonduality
Enlightenment Teachings of Self-Realization


Living Nonduality is available here. 
Robert's books, all worthwhile, also include:
Abiding in Nondual Awareness
Always--Only--One (on the Ashtavakra Gita and other texts of India)
One Essence (on the Hsin Hsin Ming)
The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus (on the Gospel of Thomas)
Science of the Sages (on science meeting nonduality)
 The Heart of Living: The Heart Sutra (ebook) 
and (the newest, and perhaps the greatest)
Awakening to Infinite Presence
 More about Robert, his excellent YouTube Interviews,
His books, and more, is at:

Second Author(s):

Master of Self Realization
An Intimate Understanding


Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj


Bob says, "The best part of the book is that by Siddharameshwar himself." This is the opening section, a book in itself, titled Master Key to Self Realization.
The second two parts are special in another way. Perhaps all that needs to be said is that Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj, the "author" of this book, was the teacher of Nisargadatta Maharaj.
In fact, the last two parts of the book are the words of Siddharameshwar as taken down by Nisargadatta.

A Special Note: 




A Spiritual Warrior's Ode To Love And The Infinite Sel 


Andre Van Zijl

Andre spent 23 years with a true master in India--a gent who seems worthy of a book in his own right. After, while living in California with wife and children, around Easter of 2007, he experienced a personal "emergency" that resulted in a three week spiritual retreat at the Hollywood Vedanta Center. Emptied Of Myself was primarily written during this retreat.

Bob liked Andre's book so much that within a few days of receiving a copy (at the Feb 5 Santa Monica satsang) he asked for it to be mentioned on his website. An excerpt follows:

Life requires no agents or managers,

No lawyers or contracts,

No bills of sale or receipt,

No authority or authenticity,

No judge to proclaim its unworthiness,

Neither houses of ill repute

To lick its wounds in.