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Bob Nickel, 20 June 1941--17 August 2012.


You can read Bob's 2011--2012 medical history below.  All of this ended with Bob's passing on 17 August 2012.
 Written August 9.:
The text below the line was accurate until August 1, 2012. On that day Bob had an emergency surgery to remove the part of his intestines which had blocked, then died.  Since this surgery (it is now August 9) Bob has been in Intensive Care and barely/ rarely able to communicate.  Future satsangs are at this point a distant dream---we shall see.
Written pre-August 1.:
Along with having what was called "terminal" lymphoma in August 2011, Bob broke his leg and needed emergency surgery on Saturday, March 17. After two weeks of Acute Rehab, for most of April he was at home in Ojai, where he received therapy at home and blood and platelets when necessary from Ojai Valley Community Hospital. On Monday April 30 Bob reentered Cedars-Sinai Hospiat for the final stages of chemotherapy and a day of radiation treatments in preparation for his Stem Cell Transplant.
This transplant took place on Friday, May 04.
As of mid-July, Bob's transplant has gone well in many ways.  The donor's cells have taken without a severe reaction, and the side-effects have so far been treatable. Plus, Bob has lessened his intake of the stong painkillers he's been on for months, and with this some of the many physical and other side effects have started to subside. He is not strong yet. His energy is "up and down." Howver, things are definitelyl going better than they might have.
The primary goal is for the stem cell transplant to work.  In this case Bob's new blood gobbles up and spits out all of any remaining Lymphoma in his system, and the end result is Bob having a year or two (or more) extra of good health with which to give satsang. The highly important secondary goal is for Bob's leg, strength, and balance to recover well enough that he can walk proficiently and have a nice quality of life outside of satsang as well.
The next date Bob would be medically able (allowed) to give satsang would be September 2012. This is because it takes at least 100 days after the transplant for his immune system to become strong enough to be out in public, and due to the need for his energy level to be up to doing a whole 1 1/2 to 2 hour satsang.
However, Bob is now able to meet privately and in small groups, and to give "phone satsang. Please contact us about this at: info@bobnickelsatsang.com.
The two pictures on this page are of Bob in Cedar Sinai Hospital as he was beginning chemotherapy in January on Friday the 13th.  


About Other Therapies 

Many persons sent e-mail messages and called regarding Bob's health. Cures of many types were recommended. Many messagers in particular came from those who attended the Intensive at the Ojai Retreat on January 6-8. (Note--the Intensive by almost every measure was a success. Every participant expressed his/ her appreciation to Bob, and, it seems, gained from being there.) 

Thank you for them. They were much appreciated. However, due to the sheer volume, we were not able to respond to each message or call personally. 

I did inform Bob of every phone call and am forwarded all messages to him regarding any therapy he hadn't already heard about. For instance, he was told about John of God about eight times. However, to repeat, for Bob's and my sanity's sake, we didn't respond to each of these messages personally.

In conclusion, to paraphrase Bob, "I could spend my whole life wondering how my health was, whether my allopathic treatment is the right way to go, and then what would be better. But it would be a busy job full of concerns about the past and 'what if's' about the future. Satsangs and things like the Intensive wouldn't be happening." And Satsang was Bob's huge priority.

Plus, Bob "walked his talk." He was not identified with his body. He said words to the following effect many times, "The only reason for this body to hang around is for Satsang. When this body can't do that anymore, why hang around?"

He lived that to the end.