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The Divine Mountain.

Many believe Shiva himself took on the form of this mountain for the duration of the current age, Kali Yuga.

 Arunachala became the guru to Ramana Maharshi.

 Spiritual persons from all over the world converge here. Papaji received crucial instruction from Ramana here.

C. Y. Ramana, Kalidas, and Bob all consider the mountain to be home.



Sri Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi,

the Sage of Arunachala, considered by many to be the ultimate guru of non-duality.

Perhaps the most important Indian spiritulal leader and influence of the 20th century.



Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Bob considered Nisargadatta to be one of his most important teachers. This guru was made famous by the book I Am That.




 more formally known as Poonjaji, of Lucknow  He was definitelly one of the 20th century's most important gurus.

It was Papaji who sent out messengers who included two of Bob's teachers, the Japanese-American man he named Ramana,

 and Gangaji, both of whom are mentioned below.



Dr. John Nasse.

A legend in Ojai, CA, Dr. John is the psychiatirist who Bob gave credit for starting him on, and after his stroke returning him to,  what can be called "the spiritual path."

 They were friends for over 40 years.






 A messenger of Papaji, as mentioned above, her videos were very important to Bob in 1997 as he recovered from his stroke.

Her videos helped to bring Bob into a (tempoary) state of bliss, which paved the way for the important work completed with C. Y. Ramana.



C.Y. Ramana

Bob's friend and teacher. Another of Papaji's messengers, Ramana was the man who completed the very significant Radical Awakening process with Bob.

(More about C. Y. Ramana and Bob below, and on the "Radical Ramana" page on this site.)



V. Ganesan

Bob's teacher and friend, shown here with Bob.  

Ganesan stories fill Bob's satsangs, interivews, and book.

Ganesan is the grand-nephew of Ramana Maharshi, and an acclaimed teacher and author in his own right.



The three gentleman above are, from left to right:
  • Kalidas, one of Bob's favorite musicians, and a friend since 1999. Kali Das has hosted Bob's satsangs in Mt. Shasta, and his music is used on many of Bob's DVD's and film clips. Some of his songs are on YouTube at Kalidas33.
  • Mark Sawyer,  Bob's friend, filmmaker, website guy, writer, and scheduler. Mark's books are at: www.marksawyerbooks.com
  • C. Y. Ramana, Bob's teacher and friend. It was this Ramana (www.radicalawakening.org) who took Bob through the very important visual Self Inquiry in the winter of 1997-98, and who first put Bob in front of a group to lead Satsang.There is more about Bob and Ramana here.

The picture was taken by Bob in February 2008 on the roof of Ramana's house. The view of Arunachala from this location is the one shown at the top of this page.