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Bob and "Buddha at the Gas Pump"


On 18 Dec 2011, Bob was interviewed by Rick Archer of "Buddha at the Gas Pump."

Bob's interview, and those with many others of note,

some of whom are pictured above,

 are at http://batgap.com/



 Video Interview of Bob Nickel, #1 (six clips below)

By Rafe Stoneman (of: http://ah-nonprofit.com/ )

In these six YouTube clips, almost the full September, 2011 interview of Bob Nickel by Rafe Stoneman is shown.
In this outdoor interview a wide variety of topics are covered. Yet, as always, Bob is centered on his non-dual message. As usual, it is Ramana Maharshi's Invitation to Self Inquiry which is his focus. Still, in these clips there will also be some surprises.
The opening and closing credit shots were filmed in the mountans above Ojai, CA on or near Highway 33. The interview was filmed in the back courtyard of Full of Beans Coffee House and Bakery in Ojai, CA.
Enjoy--and please accept the invitation.
NOTE--Rafe Stoneman is the gent who attended Bob's January Intensive and produced a YouTube Clip about it. This can be found here.

BN.YT.Int11.jpgInterview 1-1. "Grace, and Satsang."

BobYT1-2.jpgInterview 1-2. "To Catch A Thief"

BobNYouTubet3.jpgInterview 1-3. "Self-Reaization, Doubt, and Grace."

Video Interview of Bob Nickel #2 (three clips)

By Pamela Scott and Anita Hendricks

This interview was completed in the home of Bob's long-time friend, teacher, and mentor, Dr. John Nasse (see the "Bob's Friiends and Teachers" page). Pamela and Anita ask some surprising and interesting questions.

2.1FormalSelfInquiry.jpg2-1. "Formal Self-Inquiry"

BobInt1-4.jpgInterview 1-4. "Grace, and Energy."

BobInt1-5.jpgInterview 1-5. Metaphysical ?'s, Papaji, and Ramana

RafeandBob.jpgInterview 1-6. "Fruit Fallen From the Tree."



2.2ToDotheNeedful.jpg 2.2 "To Do The Needful"


2.3ServiceandtheClown.jpg2.3 "Service and the Clown"