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Bob with his musician friend Kalidas in front of the holy mountain Arunachala.

Kalidas' music is used in many of Bob's DVD's and productions.

The music of Kalidas can be found on YouTube at Kalidas33.


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YouTube Clip Info: 

On this page:

--   Clips 1 & 4 came from the Ashland Satsang on 15 September, 2011 at the Rogue Valley Free Media Exchange.

--   Clips 2, 5, 6, & 7 came from two interviews of Bob conducted by Mark Sawyer in Ojai, CA in September, 2011 at Full of Beans Coffee House and Bakery.  

--   Clip 3 came from the Mt. Shasta, CA satsang on 21 September, 2011.

On the " Interviews" page:
--   The first series of clips on that page arefrom a six-part outdoor interview of Bob by Rafe Stoneman in September, 2011 in Ojai, CA.
--   The second of these series is a three-part interview of Bob by Pamela Scott and Anita Hendricks, also in Sept, 2011 in Ojai, CA.
--   There is also a link here to the website, "Buddha at the Gas Pump." Bob was interviewed by Rick Archer for this very worthwhile on-line service on 18 Dec 2011. Many other givers of satsang, authors, and teachers have interviews linked here, also.
 .   These interview series, and all of Bob's YouTube clips, are on the "Bob Nickel Satsang" channel on YouTube. More about them, and direct links, are available YouTube Interviewshere.
On the "Radical Ramana" Page:
--   In the first of these two clips, 3-1,  C. Y. Ramana and Bob recall the Radical Awakening Procedure that was so important for Bob.
--   In the second od these two clips, 3-2, C. Y. Ramana and Bob remember the first time Bob was ever put in front of a group to lead a satsang.
.     More about these clips is here.
On the "YouTube Satsang" Page:
In YouTube Clips, most of two full satsang with Bob are given. 
The first of these, numbered S 1 - 1 to S 1 - 9, is an in chronological order rendering of Bob's satsang in Salem, Oregon at Journeys in September, 2011. 
The second of these, numbered Mt S 1 - 1 to Mt S 1 - 10, is of Bob's satsang in Mt. Shasta, CA at Sacred Spirit Minisstry on 15 Nov 2011.
More about this, and the link to the YouTube clips, is here.


Clips of Bob in Satsang, and some of his answers to interview questions, are available on YouTube. Seven of these clips are on this page.
You can click below or you can find them on the  "Bob Nickel Satsang" network on YouTube.




#2. Knowing, Ramesh, and Doership


#3. Knowing the Self.


#4. This Is So Simple



#5. "Compassion Happens." ShantiMayi, the Gayatri Mantra, and....


#6. "Me, Me, Me, Women, War, and the Sea."


#7, "Sin is Ignorance."